Distinguished Mr. Secretary-General,

Distinguished colleagues,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


In my national capacity as the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Tajikistan to the UN  I am  honored  to associate myself with the kind and heartfelt congratulations and wishes of my esteemed colleagues on the occasion of the celebration of  International Nowruz Day, an ancestral festivity marking the renewal of nature. At the moment, when the earth is awaken and life is rekindled, the powers of light overcome the powers of darkness, voice prevails over silence and warmth over cold, which makes mankind rejoice.


At the dawn of civilization our ancestors realized that at this moment of spring nature is reborn, and man, the great child of nature, feels rejuvenated, energized and encouraged to strive for new knowledge and deeds.

The two specific features inherent in Nowruz allowed it to sustain itself through millennia. They are  Nowruz universal character and openness.  Nowruz is universal because it promotes common human values such as striving for unity and good neighborhood, strengthening of good natured and constructive ties, tolerance and mutual forgiveness.  The openness of Nowruz allowed  its traditions and customs to find their way to  the cultures of different nations, and as a result, today Nowruz is widely celebrated on the terrain between the Mediterranean Sea and stepps and mountains of Central Asia.

From ancient times, the celebration of Nowruz, which incorporates multiple esthetic, cultural and social components, has symbolized  rebirth of good-natured feelings and aspirations, it invoked a desire to be close to the loved ones, and encouraged everyone, young and old, to purify their thoughts and spirit.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

These days we have been involved in the discussions and negotiations on the UN transformative agenda, and we have been striving to make our best possible contribution to this agenda, which is of vital importance both for current and future generations. In my view, Nowruz, which aspires for an equilibrium, could become a vivid example and inspiration for all of us,  because  Nowruz is focused on vital needs of every human being, such as dignified life, social development and spiritual growth. I believe if we follow the Nowruz example, we are sure to reach a success in addressing the envisaged goals and objectives.

Наврузатон муборак/пируз бод.

Ҳар рузатон Навруз бод.

Thank you for attention.