Distinguished Mr. President,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, I would like to thank the President of the General Assembly for the organization of the High-level Thematic Debate in support of the process towards the 2016 Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on the World Drug Problem.

The urgency and scale of the problems related to the increase in drug production and illicit drug trafficking testify to the ever increasing global menace that threatens international stability and security. Prevention of illicit drug trafficking requires comprehensive and coordinated measures in international and regional levels. The international community should unite its efforts at reducing drugs demand and supply, to integrate the measures undertaken at the national and regional levels into the international strategy on drug control.

The Republic of Tajikistan shares the profound concern of the international community over the increase in organized crime, terrorism, drug trafficking and the danger they pose towards the economic systems and health of humanity.

According to the annual survey on the opium production in Afghanistan, issued by the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime, opium poppy fields increased in 2014 up to 224 000 hectares, and production of opium increased, as compared to 2013, by 17 percent.

Production of narcotics in Afghanistan is a complicated and multifaceted problem faced not only by Afghanistan and its neighbors but by the entire international community. Regrettably, no simple or unambiguous solution for addressing this issue is available. A whole set of measures is required for resolving the problem. Sometimes they might be of an unordinary character, but should always incorporate concerted coordinated actions of all interested countries and international organizations.

To effectively address the issue of illicit drug trafficking, in addition to elimination of opium poppy fields, confiscation of heroin, destruction of opium producing laboratories, it is essential to toughen measures of control over export of drug precursors to Afghanistan. Tajikistan strictly meets the obligations imposed by the international conventions on drug control and exercises strict control over precursors trafficking.

We attach primary significance to the development of cooperation on drug control with relevant structures of Afghanistan. Tajikistan and Afghanistan established an international treaty framework on drug control that allows the relevant competent authorities from both sides to interact in an effective manner.

The competent authorities of Tajikistan have been actively cooperating with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry for Drug Combating of Afghanistan, the interaction with which is based on a solid normative framework.

In 2014 the operating structures of Tajikistan and Afghanistan performed four joint operations and withdrew over 216 kg of drugs, while only within the three months of 2015 they already performed three operations, as a result of which 224 kg of drugs were confiscated.

An important trend in combating drug trafficking is a struggle against money laundering of that was received from illicit drug trafficking. It is necessary to establish a real and relevant control over the flow of funds in the regions that are the main drug producers, transit countries, as well as over the final consumers of drugs.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Based on advanced international experience, Tajikistan has developed its own anti-narcotic strategy that includes short-term programs of action and multilateral level of cooperation. A number of urgent measures have been undertaken to stabilize the drug-related situation, to block the channels of illicit drug trafficking, to decrease the level of illicit drug trafficking and drug consumption. As a result, in recent 15 years the Tajik law enforcement agencies seized over 108 tons of narcotics, among them 33 tons of heroin.

Distinguished colleagues,    

In the run up to the 2016 Special UNGA session on the World drug problem, and to draw the attention of the international community to the issues of drug production and illicit drug trafficking in the regions, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan at the September 2014 meeting of the Council of Heads of State of  the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which was also  attended by Heads of Observant States and guests, put forward the initiative of convening a High-level Regional  conference on narcotic challenges with the participation of all interested states and international organizations. The Conference will be held on May 27, 2015 in the city of Dushanbe.

It is planned that the Conference, which will be also attended by representatives of the competent authorities, will discuss, in a transparent manner, the drug situation in the region, the fight against drugs in Afghanistan, will consider the current problems of combating illicit drug trafficking and development of international cooperation in this area. We will also suggest that our partners should develop joint proposals so that they could be included into the Agenda of the 2016 Special UNGA session on the World drug problem.

I would like to avail myself of this opportunity to invite member states and competent international organizations to take an active part in this Conference, which is going to contribute to the preparation process towards the 2016 Special UNGA session on the World drug problem.