World Food Programme Office was opened in Tajikistan in May 1993. The main mission of the Office is providing humanitarian food aid to refugees and displaced persons.

World Health Organization opened its office in Dushanbe in 1993. The Organization's activities are mainly directed at control on infectious diseases, psychological and physical rehabilitation of persons suffered from war, as well as support to national health system of the country.

Food and Agriculture Organization Office in Tajikistan was opened in May 1997. The main direction of FAO's activities is assistance to the development of agricultural sector of the country.

International Monetary Fund opened its representation in Tajikistan in 1997. IMF renders assistance in providing mechanism for consultation and coordinated efforts with regard to international monetary issues, assists to the balanced growth of international trade share in economy of the Republic of Tajikistan.

World Bank began its work in Tajikistan in 1996. Its activities are directed at rendering technical assistance and providing loans for the support of national currency and country's economy.

UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) has been working in Tajikistan since 1999. Its activities are directed at realization of several special projects aimed at providing additional support to programmes and strategies of the Government of Tajikistan regarding women rights protection and widening their participation in society's life.